Warehouse planning analysis is the first step in lowering your warehouse costs and making your warehouse logistics services more efficient. Warehouse costs of virtually any company can be reduced quite significantly by carefully reviewing inbound and outbound shipments, identifying the kinds of services that will help you to have a highly successful distribution operation, and by finding the right locations for your warehouse facilities.

Below are some common questions along with answers that have arisen with our clients involved with warehouse planning projects. This section will offer you some insights into how we will help you save money. Of course, if have a question that isn’t in the list, please feel free to contact us directly.

What Tools and Methodologies do you use to develop a customized Warehouse Logistics Strategy

We start by collecting and evaluating data pertaining to your company’s warehouse logistics operations, including inbound and outbound shipment records, warehouse and pool distribution records, information regarding products and materials, and systems data and any warehouse planning work that has been performed for or by your company to date. We also review all available contracts with your any existing warehouse service providers in order to evaluate develop a comparable warehouse cost profile for your company, and we identify the kinds of logistics services that your company needs in order to achieve a highly successful distribution operation.

Our Logistics Optimization tools can be used to identify the most appropriate location for warehouse(s) for your company or we can work within the site location parameters that you provide to us. Once the most appropriate site is determined, we begin our work to find the most suitable arrangement (either private or public warehouse), followed by action steps that result in developing a customized warehouse logistics strategy for your business.

Can you find Real Estate for our Warehouse?

Yes. We work with real estate professionals who can assist with purchase or lease of land or buildings that will be suitable for your use. We can also provide assistance with permits and construction.

What Services do you provide for Setting up a Warehouse or Managing the Operation of our Warehouse(s)?

Whether you are setting up a warehouse or want to optimize the operation of an existing one, Business Logistics services can provide industrial engineers to develop layouts and plans for the entire operation, including FF&E, labor and office management support, and budgeting. In all, we can provide complete support for your warehouse logistics needs.

Our warehouse logistics services include:

  • Warehouse planning / setting up a warehouse
  • Warehouse optimization analysis
  • Warehouse site location evaluations
  • Public warehouse rate and service negotiations
  • Materials handling studies
  • Warehouse design reviews
  • Warehouse cost benchmarking
  • Warehouse labor productivity evaluations