If you are involved in shipping product to your clients, customer service improvements that deal with delivery problems need to be at the very top of your list. There is nothing worse than having a perfectly good product that never makes it to its destination or arrives there late. Business Logistics services will help you track, analyze and ultimately improve your delivery performance.

Below are some common questions and concerns along with answers that have arisen with our clients who are focused on customer service improvements in their delivery departments. This section will offer you some insights into how we will help you cut down on costs. If have a question that isn’t in the list, feel free to contact us directly.

ow can Business Logistics help improve my Company’s Customer Service Problems?

We work to get to the heart of the matter, to determine the real causes of problems and why the actions to date haven’t worked. This process involves looking at communications within the company and outside to the carriers that handle your shipments to find out if there are breakdowns that are interfering with the smooth and efficient flows of information and goods. Business Logistics services also compare carrier capabilities with customer expectations to assure that the right carriers are being used, and we evaluate ways to better coordinate shipment bookings and commitments with all parties involved.

One of the most effective tools we use is to develop standard operating procedures for each carrier used to assure that they know precisely what to do and who to contact when anything occurs that has the potential to interfere with their planned and agreed upon handling of your company’s business. This plan includes whom to contact and when to do so as well as corrective steps that they can take to get back on track with their service commitments. It works very well with most carriers, but in cases where problems persist we don’t hesitate to recommend replacement carriers. The bottom line is that we work to make sure that you and your customers are very happy with the service quality the carriers produce for you, and we’re very good at turning service problems around.

We consistently have Delivery Problems with certain Customers and we’re in Danger of losing them. What can you do?

In these situations, time is of the essence. We recommend that Business Logistics services first work with your sales and customer service personnel to fully understand what’s going on. Then we will offer to contact these customers ourselves to hear their story on a first-hand basis. Often, just having us make this contact to express concern and to let them know that we are working to help them goes a long way initially to maintain the relationship with your company. But we go much farther by really getting down to the core of the problems followed by developing strategies that will work to fix them. Involving the customer in the process can help to produce positive results when the strategy is implemented and during the follow-up phase where we monitor the progress of the changes we’ve implemented.

What Kind of Company uses your Consulting Services?

Manufacturers and distributors are our primary clients, although any company that doesn’t claim professional logistics management and consulting as its core competency can be helped with our services.