Here are some common questions regarding Private Fleet Evaluations.

What Methodology do you use to evaluate our private Fleet?

We start by collecting and evaluating data pertaining to your company’s private fleet using a checklist approach to assure that all data components are accounted for. Our consulting team collects information pertaining to the services performed by a private fleet and the fully burdened costs of operating the fleet.

We also compare a private fleet’s services, freight management costs to those that can be purchased on the outside using “market rates” for similar services. Doing so enables us to prepare cost/benefit evaluations that we typically present in the form of a “profit and loss” statement for each truck, with this information rolled up into a consolidated report for the entire fleet (or consolidated by some other means such as by facility or sales region). The bottom line is that our evaluation can determine whether or not the fleet is contributing to the financial success of the company and whether or not the fleet is really necessary.

If we don’t have a private Fleet can you help us determine if we need one?

Yes. We can conduct an evaluation of your current shipment and delivery needs, the freight management services and methods used, and the costs associated with these services. This information will be compared to the projected costs and service benefits of operating a private fleet using a similar profit and loss output approach for ease of review of the results.

We are interested in Truck Routing Software. Can you help us with this?

We can provide up-do-date information regarding truck routing software and can help you select and install a package that will be most suitable for your company’s needs.

Do most Companies find that private Fleets are too costly?

The answer to this question is interesting. At the outset many companies think that they are saving money by having a private fleet, but when they take all freight management costs into consideration their view often changes. Service considerations are regularly perceived as paramount (“For hire carriers can’t do what our trucks do for us”) but in practice a well developed, dedicated contract carrier program can provide equal services and overall quality. In any case, some fleets are financially sound while others are not, so it pays to have us conduct the evaluation in order to know for sure.