Who needs 3PL consulting? Every company that wants to keep their products flowing smoothly and economically through their transportation, warehouses and 3PL logistics services while, at the same time, keeping their customers satisfied.

Below are some common questions and concerns along with answers that have arisen with our clients involved with 3PL consulting. This section will offer you some insights into how we will help you cut down on costs. If have a question that isn’t in the list, feel free to contact us directly.

What is a Third-Party Logistics (3PL) Provider?

Third-party Logistics Provider (3PL) performs logistics services on behalf of another company. 3PLs provide the management skills along with the physical assets, labor, and systems technology to provide professional logistics services, relieving companies of the responsibility of performing these services themselves. 3PL’s typically can provide transportation, warehousing, pool distribution, management consulting, logistics optimization, freight forwarding, transportation management, rate negotiations, cost evaluations, and contract management services.

There are two primary kinds of Third-Party Logistics (3PL) Providers: Asset based and non-asset based. An asset-based provider can be a warehouse company, for example, that manages all or part of a client’s logistics operations. In such a case, the 3PL provides physical assets and labor resources to perform the required services. Clients using this kind of 3PL generally must use the limited assets of these companies.

The second kind of 3PL is non-asset based. This type of provider acts as a service integrator and is not restricted to using any particular warehouse or transportation company in providing services to its clients. Many business managers view the non-asset based 3PL as being inherently unbiased in its decision making on behalf of clients due to its unlimited freedom to work with the varied service providers that best meet the needs of its clients.

Business Logistics is a non-asset based 3PL. We customize programs to meet each client’s specifications and have the flexibility to move to different providers and our clients needs change over time.

What Tools and Methodologies do you use to optimize our Logistics Operations?

We start by collecting and evaluating data pertaining to your company’s logistics operations, including inbound and outbound shipment records, warehouse and pool distribution records, information regarding products and materials, and systems data. We also review all available contracts with your service providers in all logistics areas such as freight management and warehousing.

This collection of data will then be fed into our modeling system to establish a baseline of your logistics operations and to provide a visual depiction of the flows of materials and products throughout your company. We also conduct process mapping in order to gain an understanding of the various business processes you use to manage the logistics portion of your business.

A very unique part of our logistics consulting services is that we incorporate cost benchmarking for key logistics activities that we identify. This technique allows us to identify areas where cost reduction and service improvement can produce immediate benefits to your company’s bottom line while helping us develop a workable strategy designed to produce ongoing improvements that will last over the longer term.

Do you guarantee Savings?

We offer a unique, optional logistics services program that limits our fees to a portion of the savings that we identify for your company. Under this arrangement, if we don’t find savings we don’t earn fees. It’s that simple.

What Size Company would benefit from your Logistics Consulting?

We most often serve companies with revenues ranging from $50 million to well over $20 billion. While this is a very wide range that should serve only as a guideline, companies of all sizes can benefit from our 3PL logistics consulting services.