Why does our Company need Freight Management Services?

Business Logistics specializes in freight transportation management services. We have a professional, expert staff that can evaluate your operations and develop methods and procedures for helping your company reduce freight transortation costs while improving service quality.
Many companies don’t realize that each and every transportation decision can result in hundreds or thousands of dollars in company expense, rivaling the vast majority of capital expenditure-level amounts. Yet the degree of oversight of these decisions is relatively minimal. Your company might require multiple approvals before an employee can purchase a computer, but very little approval before a shipment decision having similar fiscal impact is made. That’s where we come in.

Do you perform Services on-site at our Company or off-site?

We actually do both. If you prefer, we can provide an on-site employee at one or more of your facilities who will work directly with your staff to get the job done. Optionally, and if the situation warrants, this work can be done on an off-site basis supplemented with periodic visits to your company.

What Size Company would benefit from your Transportation Management Services?

Typically, companies that spend in excess of $500,000 or more per year on freight transportation can benefit from our transportation management services. At the other end of the spectrum, no company is too large for us as we have developed custom freight management programs for some major corporations.

Does it matter what Industry we’re in?

Absolutely not. The common denominator in freight management is the type of transportation and warehousing services and resources your company uses, not the industry you’re operating in.