How can Business Logistics help to Reduce Freight Rates and Charges?

Business Logistics services take a professional approach to finding ways to reduce freight costs. This approach begins with our evaluating data relating to the shipments your company makes and receives. These data are produced from copies of freight bills, carrier contracts, bills of lading, accounting systems and any automated freight payment data that might be available to your company.

We will build a database containing this information for analysis purposes. As part of this analysis, we conduct freight cost benchmarking to determine how your company’s costs compare to those of other companies using similar freight resources, allowing us to readily identify areas that are ripe for freight cost reduction. This information is then used as part of a freight rate negotiations process that we perform as part of our service to you.

What Kinds of Results have you been able to achieve for other Companies?

It’s not uncommon for us to identify savings in excess of 20% for a client, although results vary by company as well as the amount and quality of management attention previously spent in the freight area.

Do you guarantee Savings?

Yes – we do offer an optional gain-sharing program where we share in the savings that we identify for your company. Please contact us for details on this risk-free way to reduce your freight costs.