If you have a package that needs to be there tomorrow, your company will probably us air express services. However, there is a large selection of choices and many shipping options can be extremely costly if you don’t choose properly. Our services can help to make sure your employees use the right service each and every time.

Below are some common questions and answers that have arisen from our air express and parcel shipments work to offer insights into how Business Logistics can help your company. If have a question that isn’t in the list, please feel free to contact us directly.

Can you also help us with lowering our International Parcel Shipping Costs?

Absolutely. Business Logistics services can conduct an evaluation of your company’s international parcel shipping needs and service usage incorporating cost benchmarking to determine if your rates are competitive. We can also conduct a customized rate negotiations process designed to bring your international parcel shipping costs back down to earth.

It’s only a few Dollars per Shipment. Do Air Express Shipping Costs really matter?

Keep in mind that air express is the most costly form of transportation in general use today. Unfortunately, many companies don’t realize how much they are spending on overnight transportation and air express services, but those few dollars per shipment really add up to surprisingly large numbers. Business Logistics services can help your company to determine the total cost impact of letter and parcel shipping using air express and we can develop a strategy for managing and reducing those costs.

How can Business Logistics help me save Money on Overnight Shipping?

Employees frequently use overnight transportation using air express services a “default” even when less costly options are more appropriate. We establish these lower cost options for your company and we provide training materials that enable employees to choose the best method for each domestic and international parcel shipping need. Combined with our ability to use leveraged buying power to negotiate reduced air express rates, Business Logistics services can substantially reduce your costs in this area.