Business Logistics is a non-asset based lead logistics services provider (4PL) offering supply chain, logistics, and transportation management and consulting services. We specialize in helping clients to reduce their costs and to optimize their overall distribution and supply chain operations. Founded in 1989, we offer the resources of experienced logistics professionals to deliver solutions that specifically accommodate each client’s unique operations and needs.

We are not owned by or affiliated with any transportation company or warehouse service provider. With no trucks to operate and maintain and no warehouses to fill, our solutions are fully unbiased, and only our own clients’ needs are considered. Our services can be provided as an extension of our clients’ operations, supplementing the services they provide internally.

As an experienced logistics consulting firm, Business Logistics is very familiar with all types of services available in the logistics industry, and we know how to make the best use of them. We are results-driven, we have a passion for excellence, and we are proud of the reputation we have earned and the awards we have received.

Why We’re different

  • Many of our competitors are affiliated with transportation or warehouse logistics service providers in some way. We’re not. Since we have no such affiliation, we are able to provide fully unbiased solutions for our clients.
  • We deliver concrete solutions that yield positive results. We make no promises that we can’t keep. We do, however, provide the kinds of quality management services that will satisfy your company’s financial people as well as its customers.
  • Our services can be fully customized to meet the needs of your company.
  • We track and report our progress in terms that you understand and use in your everyday operations.
  • We draw from a talent pool of highly qualified professionals for our ongoing work and special projects.
  • Our business is one based on building solid relationships. We strive to relate well with your employees, your vendors, and your customers.
  • We will truly go out of our way to assure your satisfaction with our company’s services.

Mission Statement

We rely on our Mission Statement as a means of helping us achieve our business goals:

Mission Statement – How we Guide the Delivery of our Third Party Logistics (3PL) Services
We will continue to improve and develop to become the premiere, professional management and consulting organization, providing our clients with world-class quality logistics services customized to meet their unique needs. Achieving our mission will demand a sense of trust, support, and interdependence among these three vital elements of our business:

  • Our Customers
    Our customers are the main reason for our existence and we intend to keep them thoroughly satisfied by operating in a manner that furthers their business interests. By constantly listening and providing continuous feedback to our customers, we identify their needs and effectively translate these into customer-specific logistics services. As our highest priority, our work will fully support our clients’ business objectives.
  • Our Vendors
    We rely on our vendors to perform the physical services that our customers require. In order to ensure the quality of service provided to our customers, we utilize only those vendors who understand and share in our commitment to the customer and the Total Quality Process.
  • Our Organization
    The cornerstone of our organization is the dedication and integrity demonstrated by the people we work with. We value our human resources as the major driving force of the business, and provide them with the best available resources to encourage professional and personal growth.

Quality Measures

We employ a Total Quality Management Program that utilizes a report card system for evaluating the performance of our vendors and staff. This program identifies performance objectives and sets performance standards. Performance objectives and standards are determined in concert with our clients so that all parties are assured of working toward common goals and that the interests of our clients will be met. Variations against defined standards, positive and negative, are measured against these standards and are recorded on the report card documents, and are shared with our key staff members as well as those of our many clients.

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